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01-Sep-2017 23:02

Gamblin have produced a lovely paint called ‘fast matte.’ It is both fast drying, artist quality and dries with a matte finish.

This is very handy if you are going to paint on top with standard oils because the matte surface gives you a ‘grab’ for the paint to form a strong bond.

Now it seems trivial, but at the time I felt mortified.

One little word or turn of phrase out can make a big difference.

So this is a practical guide to understanding oil painting terms, products, and more importantly pronunciation!

Many oil painting terms stem from Latin roots so mispronunciations (especially with me) are commonplace.

Binder – the substance mixed with the dry pigment which holds together (binds) the pigment colour and helps the paint to stick to the support.

For oil paint, the binder is usually cold-pressed Linseed oil.

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Traditionally, driers were cobalt driers, but now they are often Alkyd resin dryers.Colour Field Painting – a style of painting prominent from the 1950’s through the 1970’s, featuring large “fields” or areas of oil colour, meant to evoke an aesthetic or emotional response through the colour alone.Copal – this is a natural resin, used in making varnishes and painting mediums.Usually, there isn’t any underpainting to the piece and is created in one go.

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ASTM – a labelling on paint tubes that is an International Standard for testing and material qualities.

(nerd alert – the Alkyd is called a resin because it dries by solvent evaporation, rather than oxidation (exposure to air) like an oil.

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