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We'd also like to extend our thanks to our sponsors this year as well - Three, Omni Capital, Kodak,, Gear4 and Freeview Play.It's been quite a year for Nintendo, as it reinvented gaming once again with the Nintendo Switch as well as treating us to an updated handheld console too, the Nintendo 2DS XL.We love the looks of the Heos 7 HS2, we love the immersive wall of sound it creates from its diminutive frame, and we love the straightforward app and simple setup that goes along with the hardware.You can't do any better for your wireless speakers in 2017.One glance at the Bang & Olufsen Beo Sound Shape and you know this is a classy bit of tech that's worth our luxury tech award - you not only get superior sound from a wall of these wireless speakers, you get something that looks like a piece of modern art too.You need at least six of these tessellating speakers, amplifiers and dampeners to create a full Beo Sound Shape system, but you can add many more on top of that as needed.

Stick these on and you'll quick agree with our pick. You want top-quality audio performance, you want speed and reliability, and as an added bonus you want some stylish looks for your speaker as well, all of which Denon's flagship provides in spades.

If you decide that a VPN is indeed for you then you've got a host of packages to pick from, but you need to choose carefully, and pick a service that's fast, professional, reliable and secure - which sounds exactly like IPVanish, our judges' pick for the best VPN for 2017.

Streaming services have completely transformed the way we consume movies and television shows, and at the vanguard of the revolution has been Netflix, a worthy winner for our video streaming service of the year, and still innovating in areas like 4K content.

It has absolutely everything the modern-day TV viewer could ask for.

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Among its key features you've got that Ultra HD or 4K resolution mentioned in the name, plus recent upgrades to the audio and the interface.

Plus, it's all simple to set up and straightforward to use.