Chatbots strip free online

09-Aug-2017 05:51

For example, a chat bot such as Jane can collect real-time analytics to see what kind of questions employees are frequently asking.

Let’s say that a majority of employees are asking questions about dental reimbursement delays.

Chat bot are becoming an important part of many business processes.

Their assistance domain extends from conversion and sales to customer support.

Leena AI improves communications with employees, can free up the time of HR staff, and even streamline job processes.

Leena AI is designed to respond to employee HR questions in real time.

To make it a completely digital workplace assistant the role of NLP and machine learning becomes important.

There is also the opportunity to use these bots to gather employee data to make informed decisions and create more efficient processes.

Employees can connect with HR via mobile devices According to the statistical findings messaging apps have taken over the social networks in terms of the average user base.

It only makes sense to create a chat bot that acts as a channel of communication between the HR and the employees.

Although chat bots have been popular amongst the consumer-facing companies that use them for basic customer-service functions, a number of HR solutions and service providers have also lately concentrated most of their efforts on creating bots.

Here is one example· Overstock, the American online retailer, has introduced a bot called Mila to deal with employee scheduling issues.

If employees are willing to give chat bots a chance, they could dramatically reshape the way human resource departments are constructed and help employees get answers to questions with incredible efficiency.

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