Dating divided postcards

26-Sep-2017 09:29

Precise regulations were published regarding the size of the postcards, and the format.During this earliest period for picture postcards, the only information allowed on the back of the postcard was the addresses of the sender and and the recipient.I am still trying to work out a periodization scheme for these cards.What follows are some examples of Chinese-language markings on Japanese picture postcards.The front of the card is bilingual Russia-Japanese.The back says “postcard” in Russian, Chinese, and Japanese.

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Here is a postcard stamped with the date “December 27th, 1905.” It was sent from a Japanese colonial official in Taipei to Nara Prefecture. Here is the front of the postcard, which has both the picture and the message from the sender (this is a new year’s card for 1906).

This first example is postmarked “August 19, 1932.” The lack of a “ten-ten” on the “ga” indicates that it was issued before February of 1933.

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