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28-Jul-2017 19:58

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This along with constant criticism in the British press and the fact that the Information Commission has recently sent warning letters to the ‘Big 4’ UK based dating companies and the A. If that applies to you and you have tried online dating but now feel unsure about it, or maybe you’re new to dating and just prefer to take a more sensible, traditional and risk free approach, then maybe searchmate could be exactly what you have been hoping to find.

We provide a credible alternative to online dating, with a comprehensive in the home service, which is aimed at higher net worth professionals, business owners and academics of all age groups, throughout the area.

Schools can choose different dates on which to close, so we strongly advise that you check with your own school directly to confirm their own term dates.

Academies and free schools are able to set their own term dates.

Online dating has recently come in for significant amounts of bad publicity on TV and in the media generally.

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If you are interested in Mature Dating in Leicester and want to meet mature singles, check out some of our great site features from private messaging to online diaries, and take a peek at some of our existing members - maybe someone will take your fancy?! Have you been inspired and are ready and waiting to enter in 2018?We love to hear your stories and reasons for running.You can find all the results online by clicking the button below.

Results 2017 Keep an eye out on our social media channels over the next couple of months when we’ll be looking to announce the date for The Leicester Marathon 2018 – we hope to see you all there!

Would you like to find a really special partner in Leicestershire or the East Midlands?