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26-Jun-2017 01:12

• A robotic interpretive dance intervention among the long line of pedestrian crossers, with student dancers incorporating the panoptic landscape of the crossing as parts of their bodies, movements, and sounds.

• A newspaper from the future, reporting on the border closure to protect the Mexican population from the new civil war in the USA, featuring classified ads for organs for sale and the rental of Michael Jackson clones for birthday parties and funerals, distributed to the lined-up cars by street vendors—causing many recipients to first ask, “Isn’t this Thursday?

Rudy is a clever variation on an interesting archetype in the American popular narrative: the Spanish-speaking immigrant who becomes an American soldier, often recruited by the special forces as a talented double agent to infiltrate his homeland.

Unlike his predecessors—like Tom Clancy’s cartel-buster Ding Chavez, Richard Nixon’s Cuban “plumbers,” the fascist future-yuppie Argentines of Paul Verhoeven’s —Rudy Ramirez starts to question the reality and semiotics of the border and the power structures it represents.

Edgelands therefore become natural targets for habitation by —people without real property, without real legal identities.

In the interior of the United States, a careful observer can find the improvised edgeland homes of the invisible people the society barely recognizes.

Causing one to ask: do you really need to cross the border to escape its confines?So reads the text of an information card handed out earlier this summer to occupants of the twelve lanes of cars backed up two hours and longer to cross the border from Tijuana into metro San Diego.

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Diamante lapidado (c/ back vocal) Akylla - Olha a benção aí (Com Backing) Al Green - Let's stay together Al Jarreau - After All Al Jarreau - Lean on me Al Jarreau - Morning Al Jarreau - We're in this love together Al Martino - Here in my heart Al Martino - Spanish Eyes Al Stewart - Year of the cat Ala dos Namorados - Caçador de sóis Ala dos Namorados - Fim do mundo Ala dos Namorados - Solta-se o beijo Alabama - Angels among us Alabama - Born country Alabama - Cheap seats Alabama - Close enough to perfect Alabama - Dixieland delight (Com Backing) Alabama - Down home (c/ back vocal) Alabama - Fallin' again (c/ back vocal) Alabama - Give me one more shot (c/ back vocal) Alabama - Here we are (c/ back vocal) Alabama - High cotton (Com Backing) Alabama - It Works Alabama - Jukebox in my mind Alabama - Lady down on love Alabama - Love in the first degree Alabama - Mountain music Alabama - Old flame (c/ back vocal) Alabama - Say I Alabama - Southern star (c/ back vocal) Alabama - Take me down Alabama - 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