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The label reads “Mouse Merchant” which was the name of his cat.

In 1965 he worked in Phoenix and traveled with the Beatles to Las Vegas.

Lee discussed how he was always preparing his next show.

“I think about my show all the time, every waking moment.

In 1997, Lee was contacted by Steve Rivers Simms, by his own recollection, worked at 35 stations in 22 markets and was fired 25 times because he “never accepted an insult from anyone.” While at WPOP in 1966-67, Simms would often break format and go on lengthy tirades to complain about long hair, sloppily-dressed teenagers, rude people and other annoyances.

He told an interviewer from the Hartford Courant, “I don’t like anything, including Hartford.”Simms was outraged in 1986 upon the release of an Indie film, Down by Law. District John Kronstadt abruptly changed his mind on a key issue and then denied an attempt to delay the trial for an appeal.

Looking comfortable in a beige baseball cap, Minka, 37, was solo as she took her pooches to Wattles Park in Los Angeles.

The slogan trend first hit the shelves back in 2000 thanks to Henry Holland's now iconic collection of pithy t-shirts featuring phrases like ' Kate Moss For Boss'.

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Robert Wiesbuch, former president of Drew University, has written a book titled Hitbound chronicling the careers of Simms, Joey Reynolds, Woody Roberts and other radio personalities. He was a true original and a shining example of how radio could be great. Since the recording wasn’t deposited with the Copyright Office in the 1970s, the dispute is whether Gaye’s copyrights were limited to elements presented in the sheet music composition.She's thought to have found romance with fellow actor Jesse Williams, amid his acrimonious divorce.But Friday Night Lights babe Minka Kelly kept company with her two dogs, Chewy and Fred, on Wednesday as she was spotted on a casual walk.Tom Waits played one of three men who were arrested and imprisoned and then plotted an escape. With just two weeks to go before a scheduled trial over whether Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines is a copyright infringement of Marvin Gaye’s Got to Give It Up, the dispute has gone nuclear in the past 24 hours. On Wednesday, the judge said he made an error with his initial ruling, that the recording of Gaye’s legendary song was completely inadmissible at trial.

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Waits' character, Zack, was a New Orleans disc jockey known as Lee “Baby” Simms. The trial pits Robin Thicke and Pharell Williams against the children of the late Motown legend.In the early 1980s he was working at KFOG-San Francisco and KDUF-Honolulu. In 1992, Simms landed at KYA-San Francisco, but by 1994 he relocated to KOOL in Phoenix.