Is daniel sunjata dating anyone

07-Jan-2018 22:20

Sunjata is also on , his character typically has a lot of lady troubles, and he plays his dramatic scenes with intensity as well as restraint, which is especially impressive considering how outrageously tragic the storylines of the show often are.

Now's his chance to lose the restraint and cut loose as the preening, egomaniacal Jackson, who always seemed at least as concerned about his image off the field as he was about his baseball games.

Sometime during the last year and a half or so I began seeing posts like the one from "Daniel Lies" accusing Daniel of everything from sleeping around, to being a drug addict, to passing STDs to women, to being gay, to stealing, and even being a pedophile, and the list goes on and on.

In tracking this phenomenon of hate speech against Daniel, it became apparent that someone (two or three people at most but more likely one) was posting this stuff on various sites under too many alias' to count, pretending to be the voices of the many supposed women Daniel is alleged to have hurt. Well its difficult to expalin but in reading all this filth it just "sounded" like the same one, two, or three people; same exact way of writing, same grammatical errors, same terrible acting when it came to trying to sound like ten different people.

The Daily News has a good special section on the summer of 1977, and the Post has a great article on the chaos of the blackout, part of a five-day series of articles leading up to the 30th anniversary this Friday.

categories: Books, NYC, Sports, TV posted by amy at PM | # Sunjata should have the baseball star role down by now - this is the second time he's been a Yankee.

He uses women for sex and money to support his drug addict life. She is for the public image but he is dating other girls and white chicks.

Daniel also has no life so he comes on pretending hes his own fan to protet his secret life. Lots of nice girls come on his sites looking for the truth so this is it. He tells nice young girls hes single so he can date them and use them for sex. When the girls come looking for Dan and find Ro he tells her they are fake people. They weren't fake when you were trying to sleep with them or date them were we?

Also interesting is that in 2002 John Turturro played Howard Cosell, whose quote inspired the title, in TNT's .No mention of hat-loving agitator and mayoral candidate Bella Abzug in the cast list, though, which is too bad, since she is at least as larger-than-life a character as Billy Martin.Which brings us to the fantastic Yankees cast: John Turturro as Billy Martin, the Yankees' legendarily hot-tempered manager (Daily News reported he maybe got a little too Method during the shoot,) Oliver Platt as George Steinbrenner, and Daniel Sunjata as Reggie Jackson.We worked together once, although I doubt he remembers me lol, and though things have not gone well for me in acting as they have for him I have always watched his career as a fan waiting for his inevitable rise to stardom, which I think we are now witnessing the beginning stages of.

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I post and read on various sites dedicated to him and sometimes do random searches on Google or whatever to see what the blogg buzz is on him.

Not surprising that ESPN chose to devote the most time to the sports story, and as Mahler says in an interview in this week's Time Out, "Reggie's three home runs is as much a symbol of New York's resilience as its rebirth," though he says identifying it as the point at which the city's fortunes started to change would be an oversimplification.

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