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But I like the idea that the work then might get to a demographic I wouldn’t normally reach. He was great performer, spreading his cheeks, saying, “Yeah, what do you want? They get an institution to host it, so this year the ICA is hosting it, and it will be in all different buildings and spaces around that area – apartments, shops, a church etc. There’s an incredible line up – Laure Prouvost, Jennifer West, Joan Jonas, Nina Beier, loads more.” It happened through Studio Voltaire and I did a print with them. I’m taking over part of 180 The Strand and showing some big paintings on a series of walls I constructed and painted on. As a teenager I was really into American pop art – I remember being really into a big painting by James Rosenquist which was like a collage of tinned spaghetti and military aircraft. I do really admire artists who do that, but I’m more interested in being close to real life and stuff that’s actually happening.And we also talked about filming landscapes and building sites with a musical sound track we will write together, possibly an animation too – it’s just at the beginning stages at the moment. There’s this painting by Manet of a ham which I saw when I was 14-years-old that stopped me in my tracks.Just a painting of food on a plate but way he did it, it was like a supernatural being. Are there any of your contemporaries who you feel an affinity to?This is why Man roulette became known as the Gay Roulette Chat or Gay Chat Roulette (depending on what country you live in).No matter what you call it, Manroulette will always leave you satisfied because we have more gay webcam chat traffic than any other site online.

It’s also featuring Louise Bourgeois, Diane Arbus, Marlene Dumas, Tracey Emin, Sarah Lucas, Dana Schutz and Linda Benglis, who I love. I think I am open and non-judgmental and there is a respectfulness that I hope I bring to it even if I might be challenging some dynamics within it. Just with sex on the internet being so male dominated – 99% centred around male pleasure and male ejaculation.Just try our gay roulette chat experience once, and you will find yourself coming back for more again and again!, was performed earlier this week at The Serpentine.It’s hard to breathe, there’s ash flying in your face and it generally feels inhospitable.

Can you explain your performance of at the Serpentine?

I can think of it conceptually, but also in a practical way it can mirror how I think when I am drawing.