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In a detailed, step-by-step format, "Guerrilla Dating Tactics" -- newly revised and updated -- demonstrates the most effective, original ways to meet with people, connect with them, and enjoy the process.This book provides dating guidelines for: -- The perfect ice-breaker for parties, chance encounters, or standing in line, or anywhere you see someone you are interested in meeting-- Eye contact dos and don'ts-- Foolproof strategies on using personal ads to get the "write" result-- Small talk, mid talk, deep talk-- The new etiquette -- who calls first and who pays-- The key to safe cyberflirting -- how to make the right connections on-line without going over the line Relating dozens of successful real-life situations, including stories from the readers of the first edition of the book, "Guerrilla Dating Tactics" is the perfect dating manual for anyone interested in meeting that special someone.She is the author of five books on relationships and one memoir and has been a frequent guest on more than four-hundred television and radio shows, including Oprah, Today, and CNN.Her work has been profiled internationally in publications such Sharyn Wolf, R-LCSW , is a New York State licensed psychotherapist with twenty-three years of clinical experience in her Manhattan based private practice.In 2005, she served as a national spokesperson and consultant for Viagra.Outside of the realm of psychotherapy, Sharyn paid her rent for seventeen years as a jazz and R&B singer where she opened for B. King, Taj Mahal, Robert Klein, David Brenner and Victor Borge among others.Now Patton, an independent HR consultant who lives on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and who’s been dubbed “Princeton Mom,” has capitalized on her fame with an old-fashioned dating manual, “Marry Smart.” Published this week, the book argues that coeds have a limited shelf life “as young, beautiful [women who are] as attractive to men or as fertile” and advises them to spend three-quarters of their time in school on the hunt for Mr. But what happens if you missed your shot and didn’t get that all-important MRS certificate along with your liberal arts degree? She believes that, even in the dog-eat-dog dating jungle that is New York, there is hope for single career women between the ages of 22 and 35 (yes, that’s her cutoff) who also want marriage and babies.“These women are spinsters-in-training, but they can turn it around,” says the 50-something divorcée.

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Dean Cortez was a writer by profession before stumbling into the dating coach market.“They need to apply the same attitude and gumption that got them to New York City to the task of getting a husband.” So listen up, unattached ladies!

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