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Madonna, in her mid-30s, “desperately wanted children and had various relationships with unlikely men.” The singer’s friend Alison Clarkson recalls when she was briefly dating Tupac Shakur, one year before his death. but homegirls were saying to him, ‘I can’t believe you’re going out with a white girl,'” – so she got dumped!

Producer Quincy Jones took the stand in the Michael Jackson royalties case in Los Angeles on Thursday to testify on how he “was cheated out of a lot of money — a lot of money,” the New York Daily News reports.

To say it was a ‘gift,’ that’s just absurd.” Between Lindsay Lohan firing back at Fox News, Mariah Carey allegedly short changing her domestic help, and Sly Stone winning millions after suing his ex-manager -- stars often turn to the courts to address their squabbles and strife.

Contemporary pop culture is still under their influence—in movies, clothes, and music. ” With these words of mock homage, an astonishingly young and lanky Johnny Carson introduces Frank Sinatra to the stage of the Kiel Opera House in St. The year is 1965; the event, billed as a “Frank Sinatra Spectacular” and broadcast on closed circuit to theaters across the country, is a benefit for Father Dismas Clark’s Half-Way House for excons.

Frank Sinatra has been called great for so long that it’s easy to forget how great he is. At one point, alluding to Sammy’s set, he says that the song he’s about to perform makes for “a slight duplication here, but I don’t think you’ll mind too much,” launching into his own rendition of “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,” which he contours and tattoos as if romancing for the first time.

Dean amuses, Sammy is mahvelous, but only Sinatra, with his Manhattan-skyline voice, conjures a mood and a spell.

His children are the beneficiaries,” Weitzman said during cross-examination.

It never hit me until now that the Rat Pack formed during the same period that the Beats rolled onto the scene—Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, and all those other spontaneous bopsters.

(Kerouac’s was published in 1957, the year Bogart’s Rat Pack gave way to Sinatra’s.) At first the two outfits couldn’t seem more bizarro-world apart, the Rat Packers showing the money in their sharkskin suits and slick grooming, the Beats bumming around in fleapit pads from Monterey to Morocco on the path to Buddha-hood.

The show ends with all four wailing away at “The Birth of the Blues,” with Dean taking a brilliantly timed pratfall just as he wings into his verse.

The excitement that this kinescope has sparked testifies to the unfading legend of the Rat Pack and their streamlined influence on male bravado, which can be observed in everything from the resurgence of “bachelor pad” music and the cocktail hour to the nostalgia for the Vegas of yore in movies like , when the city still swung and the red lobbies weren’t clogged with Mr. Big-Butt America pushing strollers between the slots.Weitzman said that Jones has received million since 2009, when Jackson died, and that licensing revenue paid previously to Jones was a “gift.” Jones contested that idea, saying: “If we made the record, we deserve to get paid.


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