Reasons for dating a swimmer

08-Sep-2017 13:37

He can teach you to play blackjack using statistics so you can actually win when you go to Las Vegas.14.

When going on trip with a group of people, he knows how to “use the space allotted in the most efficient way.” That means if you have eight people all trying to go to Lake Tahoe, he will make everyone’s luggage, snowboards, alcohol, and food fit into the trunk of a suburban.15.

One friend said she knows for a fact that her boyfriend has read books and studied diagrams. When you finally move in together, the dishwasher needs to be loaded systematically to use space most efficiently and to not waste water.

It's been just over a year since Rebecca Adlington and Harry Needs announced the end of their 18-month marriage.

Well, ladies, he has now graduated from college, earns a great salary, will treat you well and makes the absolute perfect boyfriend.

Not only is he intelligent, but he is intuitively rational, organized, detail oriented and sometimes a perfectionist, in the best way possible.

They work hard to get stronger and challenge their bodies.

Surely this quality of dedication is something that carries over to their relationships, too.2.

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Finding the motivation to go to the gym before or after work every day and train for a marathon is nothing short of a miracle.We move forward with respect for one another and our focus and commitment is on parenting our gorgeous daughter Summer.