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Time them to see how much they can ‘free write’ in their journals Curate a robust lexicon Build a strong vocabulary!Have your child record a new word they learned every week in their journal.Whether the experiential lesson was a small curriculum modification or an international trip, they connected the abstract concept form the classroom to a real and genuine experience for the learner.Here are some ways that Experiential learning can be beneficial to your child: When students are encouraged to explore and apply their knowledge, they are able to interact with the world in an academic mindset, therefore every new experience becomes a teachable moment and opportunity to absorb information.While it is undoubtedly important for students to grasp academic concepts through traditional learning and classic methodologies in classroom, it is impactful to create opportunities for concrete experiences.This gives students the opportunity to actively engage in their learning process, and apply the concepts to real world experiences.Sometimes at school I would shock my teachers with my advanced vocabulary from reading these materials.At the dinner table my family would discuss current headlines or literary topics, which engaged me further in world news.

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Similar to the personal examples I’ve shared above, there are simple reading and writing engagement practices that can be fun for parents and students alike that will have a lifelong impact on the learner.Parents are immense assets to learning and the key to stimulating the child’s creative potential outside of school.If you are a parent who’s child struggles with writing and reading at home, these are just a few ways you can integrate these necessary skills into fun activities that you can experience together.Whether its about daily activities, dinosaurs, sports or movies, your kid has an interest and an opinion to share.

Talk through the ideas, ask questions and listen to their answers and opinion.

Most importantly, parents are the ultimate role model and learning coach who can encourage a child’s imagination and spark their written communication of those ideas.