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08-Jan-2018 11:19

The University of New Hampshire is working on a new app that's designed to help survivors of sexual assault, set to launch in the fall.

Called “u Safe NH,” the app will provides information on local crisis centers, hospitals, police and other resources.

Maybe you’re looking for somewhere to sound off on the fate of the Manchester teachers’ contract, or the expansion of rail service from Boston, or marijuana legalization — or even the future of the midnight voting tradition in Dixville Notch.

Amherst College does not condone harassment of any kind, against any group or individual, because of race, religion, ethnic identification, age, handicap, gender or sexual orientation.

” And under the “Someone Else” category, there are friends, family, faculty, staff, community business owners, as well as prospective students.

So depending on how you click on the app, you’ll get the most appropriate information.

But you can just imagine a 20-year-old, distressed young woman who has just been raped, and think, “How do we get these resources to her so she can use them?

And what we hope to do is license it to the other states, so they can buy it for their campuses.

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