Sex xxl came

30-Jun-2017 10:39

When Ken punches Mike to settle a beef, it’s portrayed as stupid and pointless, and for the rest of the movie, the guys through their problems. It’s telling, I think, that the screenplay of MMXXL was written by Tatum and Reid Carolin (the screenwriter for the first Magic Mike); the whole thing, despite its many (many, many) feministic delights, also has a whiff of mansplaining to it.

(Even the setting for the performance—I cannot fully express how much I love “2015 Annual Stripper Convention,” especially as it was displayed on that sad hotel billboard in Myrtle Beach—pokes fun, with its winking blandness, at the stereotypic baggage the film is dragging with it as it speeds along the I-75 corridor.) , leading up to those climactic final scenes, also leaves space for mystery and surprise. The best stripping acts (at least according to Showgirls and that Demi Moore movie from the mid-’90s) involve taking audience expectations and either thwarting or delaying their gratification—the strip “tease,” and all that.This is in line with the film’s depiction of male entertainers as Cary Grant-level gentlemen when their shirts are on, and Christian Greys trained by Cirque du Soleil when they’re off.

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