Stop dating the church sermon

10-Nov-2017 05:50

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I'm grateful for godly, spiritual women, but I think any spiritual woman would grieve over the fact that there aren't men who are setting the pace.It is so important to set that call out there that, men, you need to be the ones to lead the way spiritually.There's been more of the model that says we need to be the kind of attractive and interesting kind of church in order to draw people.And that actually facilitates the sense that I'm a consumer, and I'm coming to check you out, and if I like you I might stay, but if not, I might go find something else.Boundless: Would you say that men struggle with committing to church more than women?Joshua Harris: I don't know that there's any difference.I think that in prior generations, there was more of a mindset of, well, you definitely are going to go to church.

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I mean, as you talk to single women they're saying that the odds are skewed. At our last singles ministry meeting here at Covenant Life, for example, I was looking around and I realized there were a lot of young men there. And as I looked around, I counted more men than women. When you are really clear about the Gospel and the risks that you have for living your life in the light of the Gospel, you've given men something to respond to.

And so it's really a call to commitment and to all that God does in our lives and through our lives in the local church. I think that I always have singles in mind in a pronounced way, because of the focus of the books that I've written on relationships and so on.

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