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16-Dec-2017 09:42

(The XO was designed for wireless access because in the developing world, wireless is actually the fastest, most reliable, and least expensive way to connect.) Go to the Neighborhood view to connect to an access point.

The Neighborhood view is accessed by pressing the round key with eight dots, found in the upper-left corner of the keyboard.

It is a bit short on ram and processing power but most of the time I'm using simple programming tools, so I don't need much. The biggest pain point in my book was the lack of copy and paste capability.

I often found myself needing to retype a lengthy command in the terminal.

Currently, we do not support WPA-enabled Wi Fi access points; we anticipate including WPA support in early 2008.

Go to the Home View—by using the key with one circle found in the upper-left corner of the keyboard—to check your connection.

Some access points (such as the Apple Extreme®) will only work with a hexadecimal value.

If you have a password or passphrase, go to Hex Converter to get the hex key.

You connect to the Internet from the Neighborhood view. The name of the access point is displayed when you hover over it.

You connect by “clicking” in the center of the circle.

The center of the circle will blink while the laptop is trying to connect.

Try again—it sometimes takes 2–3 tries to connect.) You will be prompted if the access point requires a key.

For more information about connecting, please see the Support page in our wiki.You make your connection from the Neighborhood view.

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