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I've never been really ashamed of my orientation, and I'm fairly open about being gay as well as my stance on gay politics on Facebook.My cousin has been dating a preacher for about three years, and they are engaged and getting married in a few months.In 2012, Kay Kay competed with her crew, 8 FLAVAHZ on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew where they astounded audiences around the World each week with intricate and entertaining choreography landing them in a spot on the show’s finale where they went on to take 2nd place.8 FLAVAHZ will go down in history of the show as the youngest all-female to crew to ever compete!Recently, I made a post about the shooting at Pulse Nightclub, with a link to my city's LGBT center offering mental health and grief counseling services.Within minutes, my cousin sent me an extremely homophobic private message, filled with slurs and allegations that I and all other gay people are going to hell. My family received an invitation to her wedding a few days ago.

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Kay Kay has proven that you can overcome any adversity and that any goal could be attainable if you are willing to do the work required.

I was planning on attending at first, but now I'm not so sure if I want to.

However, my parents are insisting that I go for my aunt's sake. Should I stand my ground and refuse to go but risk upsetting my family, or should I go and potentially open myself up to more homophobia from my cousin?

Working with various age groups has really allowed Willdabeast to hone his craft and become an expert in his field and artistic world. As a dancer himself, he knows how to choreograph sequences well that flatter the dancers but are also appealing for the audience to watch. Without further adieu, check out these dancing divas along with the song’s original music video.

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He’s any choreographers/directors dream camera man. Kay Kay has now become a sought out industry professional Dancer, Choreographer and Instructor selling out classes all around the world in addition to being a very popular spokes model for several clothing and entertainment brands including Vlado, Simple Mobile, World Of Dance, Boom Phones, Kohl’s, Hollister, Abercrombie, Monster Headphones and Instabrand just to name a few.